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If I told you “your prayers were answered” would you be offended?

There is this stigma around widowhood… Well there is a lot of stigma around widowhood and for good reason but the specific reasons I’m talking about are the ones that apply to my story not someone else’s. 
I keep finding myself saying “today was a REALLY good mental health day. I feel like these are the normal days that I have been waiting for” I find myself sitting alone at the end of the day once Tucker is in bed happy. It’s true… I am happy. For the situation I am in and the community that I have to deal with this, I feel like I’m doing pretty freaking awesome. In general I’m not depressed and I feel like that is a huge answer to prayer. My dad to day feelings are not sadness or fear but joyfilled. That is the prayer that has been answered. So many people prayed for me after this “storm passed” that Tucker and I would make it to the other side of things whole and together and I feel like the Lord has showed up. We have has so many good days, so many good moments, so many mommy and me moments where I feel so deeply loved. 


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