young widow

Watching my sis accomplish the hardest physical day of her life!

My sis signed up for the spartian run about 5 months back and yesterday was competition day. I was so freaking proud of her! she saw her friends around the end of the race and it gave her the boost she needed to get through the last bit with an umph of power. She went into the last mud pit and submerged in and out of the water with a splash; I remember saying out loud “its like shes been baptized!”. Now I’m a Religious woman but something about it still rang true to me, I knew she was going to come out of the water a new woman.


A week prior I asked her who was going to come to her race and she responded no one. I joked about her response and then asked her more seriously who she thought was coming and her response was still the same “no one” uhhhhh…. what? Tucker and I am! I told her.  she then told me that both of our parents were busy and weren’t able to make it. I let her tell me what she had to say knowing that I was going to call each of them later and let them know that this was to important of a day to miss. I ended up lecturimng both of my parents on how this was to big of a day to miss and my mom was still “unable” or unwilling to change her plans to be there for my sis, my dad got an ear full and said he would be there! so the 4 of us went. (Jon her trainer, Me, Tucker and my dad) Knowing that the stands would still be to empty for my liking I ended up calling her best friend and I cried out for help.

I apologized for it being so last minute but asked if she was busy this coming Saturday and told her about the race, she said she wasn’t and would try   to get her sis and her boy friend to come and watch her race. Turns out her boyfriend decided not to come because he felt over worked but the sisters came and that was more than enough for me! I ended up paying both of their entrance fees so they could come and surprise my sis! and boy did it work! they both ended up coming pretty late because they had to go back and get cash in town but my did was pretty slow at the beginning of the race so they still got to see her race! GAAAAA!!!! what a good surprise!!!! I was getting food and standing in line when she got to them but they said she was super surprised and get a second wind. She ended up finishing strong and my dad was there the whole way cheering her on.

I wish you could have seen the look on his face as she finished so strongly. They have had a rough past due to her weight, her feeling rejected by him and him not knowing the best way to “help” her loose weight. There have been so many arguments and conversations about how to jet Jenn motivated to loose weight or pick her health ect ect and I don’t think its until my sis watched Brett deteriorate one day at a time that she decided to loose the weight. I remember after she had already signed up for surgery I looked at her and I said ” I’m only going to say this once, PLEASE do not make me do this more than once”. I was talking about being a caretaker and she knew it, she saw what was unfolding in my life and it think it scared her too.

But I wish you could have been there to experience the raw joy with me.


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