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The “thing” I knew was coming

It’s been maybe 7 weeks sense Brett passed; and things seem to be slowing down like I expected them to. The weather is getting better and people in my community are getting busier. The idea of being a single parent is starting to kick in and I’m starting to get that 2 pm lul. It’s either around 2 or 5:30/6 when. I would usually be expecting my homebee to be walking in to door. I used to be cooking dinner around 5 but I often find myself cleaning and trying to get the house tidy before he comes home. But that’s just it… He isnt. I find myself cooking and feeding Tucker then cleaning up then playing with Tucker and stalling before bed time. Some times we take a bath and some times we read I suppose it depends on the evening but every evening we miss you. No one has really asked me what it is like having him gone, just one friend. Most everyone else asks generic question like how’s it going? Which often feels like a greeting. It’s such a loaded question I don’t even know what to say. My mom asks me that the most, usually super chipper and almost every time I’m speechless and I just respond… I don’t know… Or I completely graze over it and just start talking about something else. My friend Lauren said to me that she would respond “how do you think it’s going?!” It seemed harsh the first time she told me to respond that way… But it’s starting to seem more appealing.

No one has offered to come stay with me sense it happened.  I have had a roommate​ for the past 3 months… But it seem like because she’s here no one feels like they need to be here. Or call in the evenings… Or any of that. I suppose they think I will put out some cry for help and then someone else will be here to pick up the pieces. But most of my community seems to be living happy lives and life just keeps happening. I guess I expected my parents or my in-laws to want to come and stay with me as I adjusted to being a single mom… Kinda like when you come home with a new baby… But no. None of those things happened. I’m starting to wonder if this is what “growing up” is really like… Or “being an adult”… Maybe something like ” well those were the cards you were dealt… So deal with it ” but saying it in a kind and loving voice?

Last night as I tucked myself in to bed I found myself thinking “I’m living in a dead mans’ house”… “My dead husband’s house… The one he left me… The one I’m so thankful to have, because without it I wouldn’t have a house….(Esp with how expensive our housing market is) but no the less I’m living in a dead mans’ house.”

It feels like it never happened. Like none of it ever happened… I have this kid… Yea.. and this house full of stuff… And every night around dinner time I hit a wall because I expect (somewhere deep down in my brain) that someone might come relieve me… its usually around the time Brett got home from work… And I keep thinking if I get the house clean and dinner ready before he gets home then….


I dont know….

… then it will be just me again. Missing my husband who loved me deeply and didn’t want to die. Who loved me back… Hard. Who fought for us, for Tucker, for our love story. but the reality of ever living the life we used to have when we were Brett and Robin will never happen again and coming to the reality of this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

One of the 3 times I saw him cry was at the hospital… We were snuggling before he was released and he cried to me and said ” what if I don’t get to see Tucker play with his friends?  Get good grades? Or go to any of his games?”

I loved a man who loved me back deeply, and only cried at the idea of not being a family as our son grew. Even at the end when he was delusional he would randomly say things like “but not Tucker… He’s too young…”  To young for what we would ask… He responded weird things like “to go in the ride… It’s to fast for him…” So we reassured him that he was right and Tucker was indeed to young and we wouldn’t let him ride

29 years old · ADD · cancer · caregiver · colon cancer · greaving · infant · new mama · newlyweds · peritoneal carsanomatisis · Uncategorized · widow · young widow

It often doesn’t feel like real life…. how could it possably be real life. I sometimes find myself framing it like it was an internship… a job… I don’t know something… but not a marriage. it couldn’t have possably been a marriage…. a marriage.. the one that I was in doesn’t end like this. it almost feels like I did all the things I was supposed to do and I did my job well and I ended up with a baby boy, and a house, 2 cars, a dog and a new family that I now have to figure out how I fit in. I feel like I have become the peace keaper of both sides of our families and really of my own mind. juggling my family, my inlaws, my friends, my new roles, my old way of talking, using phrases like “when we got diagnosed” or when “we moved” into hospice… phrase after phrase my life became an alternate reality. could someone I loved so deeply really be gone. Did I really watch him take his last breath? were his nails really blue just like the doctors told me they would be during his last few breaths. was he really in denile whe whole time about dieing? could this really be my life? we did everything “right”… we fought for life as hard as we could. we wanted eachother. till our last words we choose eachother. his last words to me were his usual ” love you” the last words of his that were truly his were ” you always snuggled me… even at the end…. you Always snuggled me.” we choose eachother every day and yet I feel like the results of our love and diligence and intentionality we still somehow failed. I some how failed. failed to keep him,  failed to keep us all together. but I still feel like I did everything right so something still doesn’t seem to add up. I still have the love and support from everyone, and almost all of our friendships… but theres still something off that I feel cant be explained. He loved me… he told me soo all the time… he said he loved all of me with all of him. he msaid he would marry me all over again if he could, that I was the best thing that ever happened to him. but here I am siting alone…. typing this out… sitting on the floor of my living room while our sweet baby boy sleeps. hes getting so big and walking and doing things that I know his dad would have wanted to see… and be apart of. that’s one of the few things he cried over, nowing that he wouldn’t be able to watch bubbie grow up and be successful in school, or get good grades, or play sports… even to just teach him to catch… all the things that he was dreaming he would be able to do with tucker. Tucker smiles at me with this sheepish grin sometimes while holding his paci in his mouth…. sometimes just when he sees me walk in the room… its this sort of sideways smile the look that homebee and I gave eachother all the time. I know homebee would see himself in that look, I know he would have loved to see that look. its the look you wait to see as a parent… through all the tears and colic I feel like that is one of the “it paid off” feelings  that I know he would have liked to be there for.

Every time I kiss Tucker I kiss him twice. Once for him and once for Homebee. I told myself that when he died I would express my love for him to tucker, that I would share the joy of what that love looked like with Tucker.